The New Staple In My Beauty Cabinet – The Angela Langford Clean Sweep Cleanser

Cleansing ones face should be one of the most important stages of your beauty routine, infact, some say you should cleanse your face twice. I think I’ve found the perfect combination of cleanser that is affordable but still feeling luxurious on the skin in Angela Langfords Clean Sweep Cleanser.

There are tonnes of options for cleansers depending on your preference, be that cream, foaming, gel, oil or balm, there is one for everyone and every skin type.

My preference airs more towards the cream cleansers for a quick cleanse in the shower (I use Kate Somervilles Goat Milk Cleanser) or a balm to oil cleanser that melts on the skin upon application. I find this to be an excellent double cleanse solution, being oily it really sinks into the skin. And also feels a little bit more luxurious, a bit more like a treatment for the face.

EVE LOM has been my go to balm to oil cleanser for years (ever since Lancôme discontinued their balm to oil cleanse many, many moons ago). It’s very luxurious, and up until now, I had not found a product that even compared to it. I love the EVE LOM so much, I regularly have a spare cleanser in my beauty cabinet incase (god forbid) they discontinue it, but it is rather pricey, albeit amazing.

I have followed Angela Langford skincare for many years, her Bloom & Glow face oil is a staple in my beauty regime and great treatment for nighttime, so when I was sent her Clean Sweep cleanser to try I was rather excited. She uses the finest ingredients and all her products are cruelty free.

To start with, the texture is really soft and silky, but you might be surprised to hear, I didn’t get on with Clean Sweep straight away. I was applying the cleanser liberally on the face and massaging it in, quite the same way I do with my EVE LOM, but found there to be a little bit of a residue left on my skin, even with removing with a muslin cloth. I got in touch with Angela and she advised a little goes a long way (not the two fingered dollop I was adopting then).

The next morning, I decided to give it another try, this time using the smallest pea sized amount on my skin, it almost didn’t look like I had enough to cover my face let alone cleanse it, but I was wrong. A little really does go a long way. When the balm comes into contact with the skin, it melts and becomes a lot easier to massage into the face. I usually take this time, when using a balm to oil cleanser, to do some facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques because the fingers can move so freely without pulling or tugging the skin, thanks to the oil and balmy texture.

Like with the EVE LOM, I leave my Angela Langford Clean Sweep cleanser on the skin and run my muslin cloth under the hot water tap, then placing said warm muslin over the face, I find this really opens the pores and allows the oils to sink deeper into the dermis. I repeat this technique a few time’s before doing a final massage of the product into the skin, then removing the cleanser with the warm muslin cloth.

I was over the moon with the results, no residue left, and I am quite astonished at how clean and fresh my face looks given I used about a quarter of the Angela Langford Clean Sweep cleanser compared to the slathering I do with EVE LOM.

So here’s the thing, it feels JUST AS luxurious and soft on the skin as EVE LOM, but you use about a quarter of the product, making it far more cost effective if you you look at price per use.

The smell is really nice too, I quite like a cleanser that oozes with beautiful scents and Angela Langfords is packed to the brim with loveliness. Organic almond, apricot, safflower & jojoba are blended with organic chamomile, cocao, lemon & eucalyptus to cleanse, soften and smooth your skin. A right cocktail of deliciousness for your face.

And if you are still unsure about this wonderous cleanser, you can visit the Angela Langford website (links below) where you can try some of her range in samples for free, yes FREE, all you have to do is pay for postage and packaging. I highly recommend taking a look, I have a strong feeling she will become a staple in your beauty cabinet also.


Angela Langford Clean Sweep Cleanser

Angela Langford Free Samples


Angela Langford Interview

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DISCLAIMER : This is NOT a sponsored post, all views are my own, I only share items I genuinely love and have tried and tested. Press samples often feature but this in no way alters my view of a product. Only products that make it into my beauty cabinet and are used regularly by me are featured.

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