About Lady Loves 

Lady Loves is an online destination for 30 something women who don't follow trends or the crowd. Founded by Scottish Fine Artist Danielle Alexandria. The blog was created initially in 2010 as a means for creative expression after being made redundant. I needed a place where I could still feel creative, that was all mine and no one could take away from me. 

Back then, I was emerging from recovery from depression and an eating issue/disorder and needed to find ways to stay positive and keep myself happy, Lady Loves gave me that platform to share and begin to love myself again. The blog started off as something just for me, but migrated into something much much bigger. 

Now seven years on the focus has spread across Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. I have always been a bit of a skincare junkie and I don't wear a lot of make up therefore  my base needs to be flawless. I invest a lot of time and research finding the best products for my skin which in turn makes great content to share. Experimenting with new products is a favourite pastime and I will pretty much cancel all plans to stay in and try a good chemical exfoliant and face mask. Beauty gets me a bit obsessed, in the sense of "needing to know" about the latest products and trends in the industry. I'm always one step ahead, ear firmly to the ground of the latest beauty buzz. A few of my staple brands are NARS, Hourglass, Laura Mercier, Caudalie, Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, Aurelia & Living Proof. These are my go to brands and my cabinet is regularly stocked with their items. It takes ALOT to knock one of these beauties off their top spots!

Fashion makes my heart skip a beat. Although I do get a bit bored with repeated trends. (Shudders at the mere use of the word). I like to express my own style and not be influenced too much by others. I'm unique, and I don't like to wear what everyone is wearing. So that must have jumper everyone is raving about? You won't catch me dead in it. Style for me has evolved over the years. I realised after turning 30 it's not about having this seasons newest items (although at times that would be bloody brilliant.) But more about finding a style that suits your own unique sense of self and personality. I like to mix vintage with new items from the high street, mixed in with a couple of eBay finds and hand me downs. It's about creating a vision, a story with what I wear.  

My style airs on the effortless side of minimal & casual. I like to dress up but my focus has always been on tailoring and pattern construction favouriting a palette of neutral tones. It's all about the cut. I keep my eye out for timeless "forever" pieces that are transitional throughout the seasons and ages. It also helps add an air of uniqueness when your rock a top from five years ago that no one can get.  

My goal is purely to share what I love, a curated edit through my eyes. If you like it great, if you don't that's fine too. Iv never been a sheep, always the shepherd and I like that I'm in a niche rather than the mainstream.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to work with me, I am one in a million. 


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